Mission TNS

One of the main problems of interaction in the Internet space is the loss of authenticity of information online. Today we live in the era of zero trust.

The era of the Wild West and "zero trust" in Web3 forms a high cost and high risk of losing the user's crypto assets, which limits the scope of blockchain technologies.

The obvious solutions today in the form of linking biometrics to identity reproduce the concept of a digital concentration camp, we fundamentally disagree with these mechanics and want to create a healthy alternative that does not require you to have biometrics, while providing you with the basic principles of indexing and trust in the network of the future.

This may be the only way to transition to a decentralized internet of the future that preserves the basic rights and freedoms of its participants.

This future is possible now, it has arrived, with the joining of your name to the namespace you become its participant together with hundreds of thousands of users at the start.

Our mission is to create a unique universal identifier on the Internet for each subject of interaction, forming trust in the party of interaction.

An indicator inside the trust space.

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