!Attention сurrently the TrustNameSpace ownership and auction contract has not been released on Ethereum. Any contracts with a similar name are a potential scam.

A name can be obtained by winning a name auction.

The auction takes place within the main TrustNameSpace contract, where all name holdings are recorded.

The text of the contract will be available immediately in Etherscan and later in the audit report of this contract. Openness to the contract code and auditing is a basic condition for ensuring trust in the entire TNS standard. The applicability of the standard is determined by the end users of the names and the ecosystem.

The Ethereum network for the name contract and proof-of-ownership has been chosen to ensure the principles of open architecture and open standards.

This ensures the long-term development of the project and the long-term interests of name holders. The project and ecosystem will evolve under any circumstances, with no single point of failure and no need for team control.

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