Smart Contract Audit

At this time, our TNS's Smart Contract is under active audit, which is being conducted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

This audit is a key step in the development of our project, and we are giving it top priority to ensure that our smart contract is as safe and secure as possible for all of our users and investors. We understand that you may be interested in learning more about the audit process and its current status.

Please be assured that we regularly update our communication channels and official sources of information with important news and updates on the progress of the audit.

We are working hard to ensure that our development and audit process is as transparent and open as possible, and we thank you for your interest in our project. We encourage you to stay tuned to our updates as we strive to create an environment where all users can be confident in the security and reliability of our smart contract. Soon, we will provide more information on the completion of the audit and the next steps in the development of our TNS project.

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