Governance & Ecosystem Fund

  • $TRUE Burning

All TNS users burn 10% tokens from each name purchase in the initial auction inside the name registration contract.

  • Team's Profit

The name registration contract takes 5% in the form of a commission from the team. This commission goes towards maintaining the ecosystem applications:

Fee on Ethereum: 0x...(Coming Soon).

  • Governance

  • Voting Power

Expect information from our community. We are now actively communicating with private investors, funds, and our team about how the future community will impact the ecosystem.

  • Ecosystem Fund (Treasury)

Every month, 0.3% of the total supply will be unlocked, which equals $20,000,000 $TRUE by 2029. These $TRUE will be used to support building TNS's global ecosystem.

Currently, 0 out of 50,000,000 tokens have been created. The actual number will be displayed here after the contract is launched.

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