Today, HyperLedger Fabric offers flexibility and control, making it ideal for corporate applications requiring high confidentiality and manageability. Its modular architecture and the ability to create private channels provide a high level of data isolation and security.

COSMOS, on the other hand, offers scalability and decentralization, making it suitable for creating decentralized applications and public blockchains. Its zones and hub architecture allows for easy integration of various blockchains and ensures interaction between them.

With the release of version 3.0, HyperLedger Fabric can radically change the approach to building blockchain networks. Based on HLF 3.0, with the addition of appropriate overlays (without changing the HLF code), it becomes possible to create a network of validators managed by organizations (initially based on an analog of Proof of Authority), into which blockchain projects can then be added on the principle of "one project - one blockchain."

The new blockchain project will immediately receive support from validators, eliminating the need for the project to find its own validators.

This will lead to the possibility of creating enterprise solutions with guaranteed non-functional requirements (TPS, latency) under the umbrella of a public decentralized network. This will significantly lower the entry barrier for blockchain projects aimed at mass adoption by eliminating the need to maintain their own infrastructure.

For the purposes of the TNS project, Cosmos is suitable as an infrastructure that already has a large number of integrations, including ready-made bridges to Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many other widely used decentralized public networks.

However, considering the TNS project's goals of implementing mass adoption services, which will require a maximally open architecture with high non-functional requirements (TPS and latency), and taking into account the need for simplicity in deploying new blockchain projects based on TNS, which will require solving the problem of finding validators for each enterprise solution, Hyperledger Fabric 3.0 is the only solution available today.

HLF 3.0 offers tools for creating a decentralized public network with the ability to provide dedicated blockchain networks for projects, while also immediately offering transaction validation.

It is also important to emphasize that the final choice between HLF and COSMOS can be postponed to a later stage.

This is possible due to the aforementioned modular architecture of HLF and COSMOS and the organization of transaction submission similar to EIP4337, as already implemented in the test project.

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