🔐Second Wallet: A Convenient Addition for Enhanced Security

The Second Wallet is an additional wallet designed to be stored in L1 (ETH). It serves as an auxiliary feature for our platform's users, providing a convenient and secure alternative to the main wallet without influencing the user's name or TRUE tokens.

This innovative technology ensures that users have quick access to a wallet that can confirm name ownership while reserving major changes for the main wallet.

Key Features of the Second Wallet:

  • Additional Wallet Functionality:

    • The Second Wallet can be utilized at the user's discretion.

    • It offers flexibility and quick access for confirming ownership without impacting the main functionalities tied to the main wallet.

  • No Influence on Tokens or Name:

    • The Second Wallet does not affect the TRUE tokens or the name associated with the user's account.

    • This ensures that critical elements like token balance and name integrity remain under the control of the main wallet.

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