Ethereum Contract Security of Ownership

Names in our TNS crypto project are securely stored on a contract basis and associated with your wallet, providing the highest level of security and privacy. However, it is important to remember that the security of your name depends on the security of your own wallet and seed phrase.

If your seed phrase is leaked or your wallet is hacked, there is a potential risk of losing rights to your names in our system. This could be a serious threat to your assets and private data.

To ensure security and protect your interests in such unforeseen situations, our services include a procedure to reset all data associated with your name upon confirmation of loss of control of your wallet. This is an additional security measure that is designed to protect you from loss of assets and the unscrupulous actions of intruders.

However, keep in mind that the very name associated with the lost wallet will be lost following this procedure. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you adhere to the highest security standards and carefully protect your passphrase and wallet to avoid losing access to your names and assets in our system. Your security is our priority and we always strive to provide you with the best protection measures.

Note: Users should never give away their seed phrase of wallet to anyone, not even to the TNS team, as we don't need it/use these seeds. Only scammers ask for these seeds.

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