Team DAO

This DAO level will be created to manage system processes and will be related to the team. Issues that will be put to vote include:

  • Auction parameters (e.g., minimum token bid, parameter affecting the minimum bid based on the name length),

  • Initiation of contract halt,

  • Smart contract updates on Ethereum,

  • Halt of Ethereum contracts,

  • Transfer of funds from the primary issuance address to a proposed address. Voting will determine the category, target address, and transfer amount.

TNS Foundation DAO

Tokens will be accumulated on the TNS_Foundation name through token distributions from name sales. In this DAO, all users who have a name will have voting rights. Issues that will be put to vote include:

  • Issuance of grants,

  • Support for projects. For example, the DAO can initiate a vote to transfer 200,000 $TRUE tokens to the TrustWallet team.

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