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Trust Ecosystem

The underlying value of the trust namespace is determined by the services within this ecosystem.

There are 10 in total at launch, the first 3 of which are presented next:


TrustLaunch Launchpad is the first service in the future TrustLaunch ecosystem, created by the community and designed for investors to make investing as safe as possible by having the community vote on and constructively criticize upcoming INOs (Initial Name Offerings). The goal of the service is to provide a transparent and trustworthy solution for raising funds to launch projects.


A basic service to identify all of a user's social networks by TNS name. Worked on the principle of Dapp application for authorization and name linking. Key feature is two-way binding of names to social networks. Only confirmed ownership of social networks and sites can be linked. The service displays detailed information about the name, ownership history and name balance, as well as social media links. Allows you to verify the person on the other side of the link. This service is considered the standard for general social networking online. The purpose of the service is to combat online fraud. An additional goal is to access the identification of people, companies, and various organizations in different jurisdictions, and to protect communications from unexpected artificial intelligence.


A basic service for signing files and various documents with the TNS name. Works on the principle of a Dapp application for authorization, name binding, document selection and signing. The key feature is hashing of documents on the contract side for authentication. The service displays detailed information about the document, the name of the signer and saves a copy of the document if necessary. As the document is signed, it is modified by adding a signature to each page. A visual editor is located at its address. Using the above service, by recognizing the name used for the signature, it is possible to verify the identity on the other side of the message. This service is stated as a standard for document exchange and general social communication on the web. The purpose of the service is to protect interests and conceptual agreements online, across jurisdictions, and to combat online fraud. An additional objective is to capture the agreements of both parties without the possibility of deletion.

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