Initial Launch

The initial launch consists of the following phases:

  • Launch Bridge(s)

  • Deploy Smart Contracts on Ethereum

  • Launch Layer 2 (L2)

Step-by-Step Breakdown

Launch Bridge(s)

Before deploying the entire system, we need to launch the bridges. The smart contracts on Ethereum will require the public addresses of these bridges to achieve consensus.

Deploy Smart Contracts on Ethereum

Once the public addresses of the bridges are known, we can proceed to deploy the smart contracts on Ethereum. These contracts should be deployed with a predefined set of bridge addresses and an initial name, which will be the only one at launch—TNS_Foundation.

Initial Token Issuance

All tokens will be minted immediately upon deployment of the smart contract. A total of 50,000,000 tokens TRUE will be issued and distributed across multiple categories, such as:

  • Funds/Investors

  • Private Sale

  • Launchpad

  • Centralized Exchanges (CEX)

  • Advisors (who promote the project)

  • Team

  • Marketing

Each category will have a specific placeholder address included directly in the smart contract during deployment. The balances of these addresses will be managed by the Team DAO. The Team DAO can transfer these tokens using the initial name (TNS_Foundation), but no further transfers will be allowed until the tokens are unlocked (details on token unlocking can be found in the Team DAO section).

Token Unlocking Process

Tokens in the smart contract will be unlocked after a predetermined period. The unlocking occurs in stages, with specific amounts and times outlined in the unlocking schedule table.

Launch Layer 2 (L2)

After completing all the above steps, we can launch the L2 network with its chain code. Upon the first launch, L2 will capture all ETH transactions and ensure full harmony with Ethereum via the bridges.

Visual Representation

This entire process can be schematically represented through the following diagram:

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