!Attention currently the TrustNameSpace ownership and auction contract is not released on the Ethereum network. Any contracts with a similar name are a potential scam.

The name has a specific format:

The name has a format of Latin characters, Arabic numerals, and an "_".

The name is between 2 and 22 characters long.

To identify a name as a TNS standard the ending "$" is used, for example - "name$"

The name can store $TRUE project tokens inside it, as well as third-party assets in the future. A record of this also lies in this contract.

The name can only be obtained through an auction under contract.

The name is issued 1 time and can be transferred and sold an infinite number of times.

The name cannot be taken away from its owner, nor can it be burned.

The name can not be blocked and can not be reduced in rights before other names. The name is unique and cannot be duplicated.

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